Some quick facts about the lake that we have the privilege of being next to.

Primary inflows     Russell Lake Bell Lake, Ellenvale Brook, Lamont Lake
Primary outflows     Cow Bay River
Catchment area       17.495 km²
Basin countries       Canada
Max. length              3.55 km
Max. width               0.83 km
Surface area             6.4 km²
Average depth          3.7 m
Max. depth                 13 m
Water volume            5,920,000 m3 (209,000,000 cu ft)
Residence time          4.1 months
Shore length1            10.1 km
Surface elevation     28 m
Islands                         4

Morris Lake is a long shallow lake in Nova Scotia’s Halifax Regional Municipality bordering the communities of Dartmouth, Shearwater and Cole Harbour.
The lake is bounded by Shearwater and Portland Estates on the west, Cole Harbour on the east and south, and Portland Hills on the north. The shoreline is mostly developed on the northwest end. The Imperial Oil Refinery on the shore of Halifax Harbour draws water from the lake for cooling. CFB Shearwater also uses a portion of the lake for helicopter practice manoeuvres and it also maintains a small recreational beach.